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By on March 4, 2020

Applying For A Car Loan: The True Cost of Owning a Car in Singapore (2019 Update)

Cost Of Your Singapore Driver’s License

What’s getting a car without a license? Regardless of whether you plan to buy a car in the future or not, it pays to get a driver’s license while you are young because of the freedom it offers you.

There are three tests that one has to go through and pass, in order to attain their license. They are:

  • Basic Theory Test ($6.50): This tests one’s understanding of the basic law of the road, the rules, signals and traffic signs.
  • Final Theory Test ($6.50): This tests one’s driving techniques. Once one has passed this test, he or she can apply to do the Practical Test. It should be noted that there is a time limit of 2 years for one to apply for the Practical Test after he or she has passed the Final Theory Test.
  • Practical Driving Test (~ $256): This is conducted by instructors from the Singapore traffic police and assesses your ability to manoeuvre the car on the roads.

In additional to the cost of these tests, there is also the added costs of your driving lessons and administrative fees such as the enrollment, provisional driving license (PDL) fee and driving license fee. The costs of your driving lessons vary, depending on whether you choose to enroll in the driving school or engage in a private driving instructor. Do also note that different driving schools (BBDC, CDC, SSDCL) have a slight differences in charges for the driving lessons they offer. Generally, one needs to go for about 20 – 30 lessons before going for their practical driving test.

  • BBDC: $68.48 to $77.04 per a 100-minute class.
  • CDC: $68.48 to $ 77.04 per a 100-minute class.
  • SSDCL: $77.04 to $ 85.60 per a 120-minute class.

Most private instructors will charge around $25 – $35 per hour for non-circuit lessons and an additional $20 – $30 for circuit lessons, and the lessons usually last for 2 hours.

Upon passing the test, the applicant can apply for his or her driving license at $50. In general, most students who opt to go to a driving school will spend an average total of between $1,860 and $2,400. Those who engage a private driving instructor can expect to pay an average total of between $1,340 to $1,790.

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